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Meet the Team

Diane John || Lead Designer

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Diane John || Lead Designer

Diane comes from a business background and applies her business sensibilities to her design plans. She has both a bachelors and master degree in business and has worked in marketing, advertising, and design throughout her career. She has lived and worked in Europe and the US and is an avid traveler. Her passion for travel heavily influences her design aesthetic. After starting a family and creating a beautiful nest at home, she was quickly tapped to help others and her 2nd career began. She has been creating beautiful interiors for over 15 years, is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, fluent in several languages and is passionate about all things home related. In her free time, Diane loves spending time with her family, exploring new cultures and simply enjoying the beautiful things in life.

Caroline Powell || Lead Designer

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Caroline Powell || Design Assistant

Caroline is currently attending SCAD in Atlanta and will be receiving a degree in Interior Design. She originally graduated from Clemson University with a bachelors degree in Economics and began working in the hospitality business before deciding to make a career change. Interior design has always been a passion of hers and she is excited to begin using her creativity to help people create beautiful spaces. 

Nassrin Flower || Design Assistant


Nassrin Flower || Design Assistant

Nassrin started her career as a fashion designer for Ralph Lauren in New York. She has lived in France, Afghanistan, Dubai and Israel. She worked for the Washington Post magazine as a stylist creating home and fashion features as well as a stylist for fashion and home magazines in Dubai. Since moving to Atlanta in 2012, Nassrin has been working in interior design. Her sense of style is deeply-rooted in her appreciation of classic design with a modern twist. Nassrin enjoys her free time with her husband and two sons. 

Nassrin Flower || Design Assistant


Nancy Koziol || Designer

Nancy is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and is extremely successful with pushing the boundaries. Her creations have a playful bent and reflect her desire to have your space be a reflection of what you love. Nancy has an extensive sales and marketing background, but design has always been her passion. Nancy currently resides in New York and works on a project basis. We love having Nancy scope out the newest showrooms that are not yet available in Atlanta. 

Nassrin Flower || Design Assistant


Isabella John || Creative Assistant

Isabella is a part time employee studying Marketing, Communication, and German at the University of Michigan. Isabella grew up attending an international school and in a bilingual home. Her love for travel and creativity make her a great addition to the team! 

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