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“Diane is a complete joy to work with. She’s always quick to respond and on it when there is an issue (and there haven’t been that many). She just makes everything really easy. I chose her because of her customer service, and once I saw her taste and ideas, I knew it was a slam dunk. She’s also a super-perfectionist when it comes to details. When you have a family, and you’re designing a house, there are a lot of opinions. Diane was masterful in her ability to work with us across multiple generations.”

“Diane and I had such a great working relationship. She is so much more than a designer – she helped us get organized and sort our stuff in terms of ‘new house, storage, or giveaway. The comfort and ease which she helps you with is unparalleled. She is the complete package. As is her entire team. Most importantly, she listened to us and got what we were looking for – she understood how we like to entertain, making our kids and their friends comfortable, our eagerness at hosting their team dinners. And as a result we got casual, but elegant, fun and timeless décor. She used what had and mixed it with new, cool pieces and molded it all together for a look that was chic, inviting, and welcoming.”

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“I could not have done this without Diane.  She completely transformed our house –changing the floorplan an working the layout of the house. She made it look brand new. She was able to get a high-end look on a lower-end budget. She was able to create a new and updated design, yet keep it warm and comfortable.  We love the finished look.”

“My big draw to Diane and her team was her experience doing everything from construction design to the finishing touches. She worked well with my contractor and pushed him to do things in new and different ways. There were little things she guided us on that turned out to be big things like the placement of outlets and light switches. With me too, she had the right level of pushing back and understanding my needs. She told me where to splurge and where to save.


My favorite part of the house is the butlers' pantry – I knew I needed it functionally, but she made it so glam, we just love it.”


"Diane John organized the decision process, made sure my husband was involved and a stakeholder and communicated directly with my builder on expedited decisions. Over the New Year’s holiday, she took time out of her schedule to finalize an intricate, complicated electrical plan of which I am still in awe. She knew what kind of lights to put where … even the builder was impressed.

She assisted in picking out every morsel of the home and organized the selections to help me make quick decisions. Often the case with creating a home, we did not agree on everything. She was open to changing direction or incorporating my specifics, but knew when to push, and tell me, ‘trust me.’  She was there to protect me from myself. She brought the added touch of service and brought in a team for installations – attending to every detail down to the extra toothbrush.

We had multiple delays but she always handled with grace and still accomplished an amazing project. There is no way we could have managed this process without Diane. Now, we have a home in Greenville that is completely different from anything like our neighbors and “ahead of its time” in Greenville. Being a real estate agent I especially value that because I foresee the impact of the design in realizing a profit down the road when we want to sell.” 

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